Can Hot Water Heater Freeze

Can Hot Water Heater Freeze? Yes, If You Don’t Do These

During the winter you will turn on the heater to regulate the temperature inside the house. Just imagine how hard it would be if the heater inside your house is not working. Similarly, sometimes you might notice cold water coming from the water heater to make things worse. It will be a great disappointment as none of you would like to have a cold-water shower during the winter season. This makes people wonder about answers to this question; can hot water heater freeze?

If you are also encountering such a problem, then you don’t have to panic since this blog will assist you to find the answer by providing some possible solutions. Most modern households will have a water heater since it has become an essential appliance. If you are residing in a country where you experience extreme cold, you cannot avoid using a water heater. Although this appliance is durable, sometimes you might notice issues after prolonged usage.

A Damaged Water Heater

If you are witnessing a cold-water supply through your water heater, it may be an indication that your heater or any of its components is damaged. Hence you will have to check on the issue and try sorting it out. Several signs will indicate that your water heater is damaged. During cold weather, the plumbing system in your water heater can expand and contract.

Hence this might cause cracks which will damage the water heater causing leaks in the system. During winter, the water heater will be performing very hard, causing an increment in the energy bills. Rust and noisy operation are also symptoms that indicate your water heater is damaged.

As already mentioned, when your water heater is malfunctioning, you will often observe fluctuating temperatures where the water will not get heated sufficiently. So, you will have to repair the system to fix the issue. In case the task is complicated, it is better to get the support of a plumber.

Can Hot Water Heater Freeze?

If you are searching whether can hot water heater freeze, then yes, your water heater will start malfunctioning, especially during cold climates. During extreme cold, you will want the water heater to function properly, but if you notice that it is not functioning adequately, this won’t be very pleasant.

Many people purchase a water heater considering several factors so that it will perform well and be durable. In contrast, if you forget to maintain the heater properly, it will start to malfunction before the expected lifespan. Hence one of the important factors is maintenance to keep your water heater performing well.

Imagine that you got to go to work in the morning, and when you turn on the water heater the freezing water touches your skin, and you would get goosebumps due to the unbearable cold. You are not alone since many people encounter this issue, so continue reading the article to figure out how you can fix the issue.

Possible Solutions for Water Heater Freezing

Now you might know the answer to can hot water heater freeze. Hence if you encounter such a problem, you don’t have to panic. Instead, try finding out the possible cause and fixing the issue. Below are some of the solutions that will be helpful. If you notice the water heater is freezing, you will have to check on the issue as soon as possible since it can expand by 40%, causing the heater to burst.

Drain the Water from the Heater

As already mentioned, freezing water can cause expansion and damage to the water heater, so the immediate solution to prevent your heater is to drain the water. You will have to close all the water supplies to remove the water. When you interrupt the water supplies, no water will flow through the water heater, minimizing the risk.

Next, you have to remove the already present water in your water heater. Before draining, you must wait patiently until the water heater cools down so that you can touch it. To collect the draining water, you must place a bucket under the drain valve and start draining to water.

Possible Solutions for Water Heater Freezing

Thaw the Water Pipes

Suppose if the water is frozen, you will have to thaw it so the water will start flowing as usual. To thaw, you can use the hair dryer to help thaw the pipe. Most people use the hair dryer as an alternative method for thawing during an emergency. Instead, you can see also turn the heat on your thermostat. The heat will start to defrost the frozen water.

You cannot predict the time taken for defrosting as this depends on the external temperatures. If the external temperature is sufficiently hot, then you can notice that the pipes will start thawing sooner. Hence this may take thirty minutes or even hours for the water pipes to completely thaw.

Improving the Insulation

If the water heater you are using at home has poor insulation, then this might also be a cause why it freezes during cold weather. Hence, you will have to improve the insulation by purchasing a water heater fiberglass insulation blanket to sort out this issue. Since it is simple, you don’t have to worry much about the installation process. You can DIY the task.

This insulation blanket will only cost around $30 and can protect the water heater from freezing if the temperature drops. Sometimes you might have insulated the water heater, but still, if your encounter the freezing issue, this will be because of the uninsulated pipes. Hence ensure that you insulate the pipe using the fiberglass wraps or polythene wraps. By insulating them properly, you can prevent the water heater from freezing in the future.

Uninterrupted Power Source

When the power supply to the water heater gets interrupted, the appliance’s freeze protection system will not perform. As a result, the heater will start to freeze. Hence you must ensure that you keep the device plugged in. In case you are residing in a place with frequent power outages, it is better to use a backup battery so that the power supply will not get interrupted.

Using Electrical Heating Tape on Pipes

This is another method that you can use to thaw the pipe. After wrapping the electrical heating tape on the pipe, you will notice the thawing. This process might take some time, and the water heater will eventually thaw. Later you can drain the excess water from the water heater.

These are a few solutions that will help if the water heater starts freezing. 

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