does crawl space encapsulation increase home value

Does Crawl Space Encapsulation Increase Home Value? Unveiling the Benefits!

The millions of times that you were frightened by the sudden appearance of the uninvited renters in your house’s crawl space might have made you look for ways to reduce the number of these uninvited renters from your crawl chamber. The conviction “crawl space encapsulation” can be one of those answers you sought. Therefore we will open up a discussion over the accuracy of investing in crawl space encapsulation. Besides, we will discuss the cost of this procedure and the value it adds to the house. Over and above that, the disadvantages of crawl space encapsulations will also be talked through.

Is Crawl Space Encapsulation a Good Idea?

Crawl space encapsulation is not a compulsory house renovation procedure. But investing in Crawl space encapsulation is one of the smartest decisions you have ever made.

We are stating this based on many reasonable cause points. The first and foremost reason this is your smartest decision is that this concept can provide facilities from enhanced air quality to energy proficiency inside the household.

Moreover, the encapsulation of the crawl space reduces breeding grounds of molds, pests and fungus, which will let you breathe liberally without any unauthorized peeking of germs into your body.

Therefore crawl space encapsulation is a great idea that supports the household and the human body.

How Much does It Cost to Encapsulate a Crawl Space?

Determination of the cost of the decision to invest in crawl space encapsulations will differ according to various benchmarks. These benchmarks include,

  • The size of the crawl space.
  • The condition of the space.
  • The materials used to make the space.

However, if we estimate a general price point, the lowest price tag will be $5000, which has paved its way to $30,000.

Furthermore, a smaller space within the range of 1000 square feet can be covered by $5500 – $7500, while a medium-sized space within 2000 square feet will be adaptable to the range of $10000 – $15000.

Does Encapsulation of your Crawl Space Increase Home Value?

A BIG YES is the simplest and most direct answer to this question. Nonetheless, if we elaborate on this YES, you will notice how a simple encapsulation procedure can increase your house’s value. Suppose that your house is infested with fungus and molds.

You wake up every morning to the grieving laments of your wife about the reeking smell and the bills that rip your salaries off your wallets.

However, if you encapsulate the crawl spaces in your house, the small and extravagant bills that come in as a token of heating and cooling electrics will also decrease. A house with less cost on billing always adds an extra glow to its value.

How Crawl Space Encapsulation Can Increase your Home’s Value?

As we have now clearly understood that the crawl space encapsulation does increase the value of your home, you might be wondering how this simple procedure increases your house’s value or market value. Hence, we are bringing you ways “encapsulation ” increase the value of the house in the market. Those processes which increase the value of your house are,

  1. The Ability to Establish an Enhanced Air Quality

The estimated information reports that 50% of the air the house owner will breathe is generated from crawl spaces. Therefore investing in crawl space encapsulation will purify the air inside those spaces, making sure you breathe purified air, free of pollen and debris.

  1. The Escalations of Energy Efficiency

Suppose the air around your house is dusty and musty in summertime and cold as the North Pole in winter. As a result of these painful conditions, you might have to invest in a heating and cooling system (AC) to maintain good air conditions. However, the encapsulation reduces such investments and preserves the energy of your heater and the cooler.

  1. The Decrease in Energy Bills

This point is a result of the methodology mentioned above, as the extra investments on a heater and a cooler could rip off your salary, and the bills that hit you in the aftermath will make the crawl space a nuisance for your whole life. Therefore encapsulation will decrease the bills, which increases the house’s value as well.

  1. Reduction of Pests Development

Everyone loves a pest-free house, and while the crawl space encapsulation ensures it, the house’s value immediately increases with the sign of “free of pests.”

  1. Warmer and Cozier Floors
  2. Fewer Indications of Wood Rot
  3. Decreases Humidity

The criteria mentioned above highly impact the overflowing values of houses in the modern world as the crawl space encapsulation allows the houses to stand up to the struggles of the older generation’s houses which are still in conflict with the ferocious flow of bill amounts.

Can Crawl Space Encapsulation Improve Energy Efficiency and Lower Utility Costs

Can Crawl Space Encapsulation Improve Energy Efficiency and Lower Utility Costs?

Crawl space encapsulation, as discussed and elaborated on thoroughly earlier, can enhance energy efficiency and lower utility costs. We will be answering your question through two different partitions.

  1. Enhancing Energy Efficiency

When the crawl spaces are open doors welcoming an infinite flow of natural and artificial elements to your home, your house’s furnaces and healing and cooling systems must work hard, which screams energy deficiency. Therefore, establishing the encapsulation process will allow the furnaces and other systems to work less while naturally controlling the cooling and heating phenomena.

  1. Lower Utility Costs

As mentioned earlier, establishing encapsulation will allow the furnaces and heating and cooling systems to work less, as the process solves 99.9 %of your problems. Therefore the less those electric systems are used, the less you will have to pay for utility costs.

Therefore, crawl space encapsulation can enhance energy efficiency and lower utility costs.

What are the Negatives of Crawl Space Encapsulation?

As much as we would like only to point out positive reactions towards this amazing procedure, there are some negatives in this procedure as well. Hence why we are going to be discussing those negatives under different criteria. The criteria are,

  1. Cost for the Installation

The process of encapsulation often costs a fortune as the rarity of its availability. This price tag also enters this realm as this can be a major house renovating procedure. Therefore the process could cost from $5500 to $15000.

  1. The Lack of Access Privileges

Once you install the encapsulation, you will need help reaching the space for any repair and inspection requirements.

  1. Issues Related to Ventilation Methods of the House

If the installation is trash, you are most likely to face fatal ventilation issues for an encapsulation process.

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