Does Febreze Kill Ants?

Does Febreze Kill Ants? – Comprehensive Guide

Because it eliminates smells better than any other product, Febreze has become a household trademark. There are several applications for the air freshener Febreze. It could kill insects and freshen the air in your house. Are you unsure if eliminating ants is as simple as giving them a Febreze spray? Does Febreze kill ants? Several individuals swear by it and claim that it’ll instantaneously kill them. Others, on the contrary, say that it is entirely ineffective. What, then, is the reality? Does Febreze have any insecticide qualities? Is Febreze suitable for use on animals? This guide will discuss whether ants will perish if they get sprinkled with Febreze.

Quick Summary: Ants may be sprayed directly with Febreze, which instantly kills them upon touch, and they will finally perish. Febreze must only be utilized as a temporary solution to eliminate ants because it isn’t a well-known ant killer.

Read more about the other components of this bug-killing freshener.

Earlier, the item was promoted as a technique to eliminate offensive odors. Before P&G realized that individuals become used to the smells in their houses and cease to notice them even if they are excessive, the product didn’t sell well. The advertisement subsequently emphasized its associations with excellent cleaning practices and odors, significantly increasing sales. The promotion didn’t resume focusing on the item’s odor-elimination abilities until after it had entrenched itself in the industry.

Items from Febreze clothing freshener are deemed appropriate for use in households with family pets, kittens, bunnies, and hamsters by the ASPCA’s veterinarian toxicology specialists. But, the item’s labeling on the packaging warns against using it around birds, and the findings of any tests on other wildlife don’t get disclosed. Let’s look at does Febreze kill ants.

Does Febreze Kill Ants?

Ants can become ill from the toxins in Febreze. The reality that Febreze works to exterminate ants and support pest management is unaffected by the fact that every component in the product has a particular function. The combination of these substances produces an ant-killing mixture. The quantity of the active ingredients will affect how much Febreze you have to apply to eradicate the ants.

So, yes is a resounding answer for whether Does Febreze kill ants, but before utilizing the solution, you bought, read the label to find out what proportion of the active components is in it. But what are those elements, and in what quantity? The five primary components of Febreze are listed below:

• Febreze’s compelling component, ethanol, makes eradicating ants a snap. Alcohol is highly toxic to ants; even a small amount can be fatal.

  • Another alcohol-based component that aids in the killing of ants is phenoxyethanol. It affects their nervous systems, paralyzing and killing them as a result.
  • Castor oil thickens the other chemicals in Febreze and keeps them “fresh.” Additionally, it kills ants by coating their exoskeleton and suffocating them.
  • A class of essential oils known as Linalool is what gives Febreze its distinctively clean fragrance. Additionally, poisonous to ants, this could instantly kill those that come into touch with it.

• There are several more components in Febreze that might likely scare both you and those ants away. The delightful Febreze scent combines Linalool and limonene, additional essential oil. Additionally, this could kill ants by dissolving their exoskeletons.

How Does It Work?

Apart from discussing Does Febreze kill ants, here is how Febreze eliminates the ants


The ant’s exoskeleton ingests the Febreze’s compounds, ultimately causing asphyxia death. We know it looks strange, yet ants may drown through their bodies. As you might have anticipated, the toxins in Febreze plug the ants’ respiration openings, forcing them to drown again. The ethanol in Febreze evaporates out the ant’s shell, resulting in the vulnerable insects’ dehydration and eventual death.


Ants are perplexed by the fragrance of Febreze and discover it challenging to return to their nest. Ants would go far from the colony in pursuit of food, but they are very worthless if they don’t have a pheromone pathway to lead them there and back. The path gets ruined with Febreze!


Ants adore sweetness but hate citrus. Ants may be drawn into a trap by Febreze’s non-citrus pleasant scent, which doesn’t smell citrusy. But when ants die in a place, they emit oleic acid, which warns other ants to avoid the location. The toxic ingredients could kill ants in Febreze. Remember that specific individuals will get drawn to the ones with sweeter scents.

Ant Colonies

The ants in a nest may not all get eliminated with Febreze. When Febreze gets continuously applied to an ant colony, all worker ants perish. Unfortunately, Febreze likely won’t affect the queen ant because she gets hidden.

Disrupt Communication

Ants use pheromones to interact with one another. The pheromones of an ant nest are interrupted when Febreze gets administered, preventing the ants from communicating with one another. The colony as a whole will ultimately perish due to this.

Interfere Ants’ Feed

Sugar and many other delicious ingredients are what ants eat. An ant colony treated with Febreze would die due to disrupting its food supplies.

Interfere Ants’ Reproduction

Laying eggs is how ants procreate. Ant colonies treated with Febreze would gradually lose their capacity for reproduction due to the disruption of the ants’ egg-laying locations. In worst-case circumstances, this can result in the extinction of the whole colony. Don’t freak out if you see ants boring holes in your house. Using Febreze is one of the numerous things you may do to eliminate them.

How Does It Work?

Bottom line 

Ants get killed with Febreze. The outcomes might shock you. Use Febreze to treat your ant infestation and observe whether it helps. Ensure that you comply with the label’s instructions and take all necessary precautions. You could maintain your house free of bugs and fresh-smelling while doing so with little effort. A Febreze clothing refresher may get purchased for pest management by going into a typical home goods store.

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