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How to Clean Electric Skillet? [Simple & Easy Steps]

An Electric skillet is a kitchen appliance in most modern homes used for frying. It uses electricity to heat the skillet and is mostly used for frying and sometimes heating. The electric skillet is attached through a cord, and the other end is plugged into a switch to connect the electric skillet to the electricity. The first time you use the electric skillet, you might need to know how to clean electric skillet as it is an electric appliance.

Since electric appliances should be handled with care when contaminated with water, you might be worried that it could cause damage to the electric skillet. But don’t worry, you are not the first person to come with this concern, as this question is asked by many people who purchased the electric skillet without any idea how to clean it. This article is here to solve problems, for all your questions about cleaning an electric skillet.

If you need to learn how to clean electric skillet, you might end up damaging it, and sometimes it could even put you in dangerous situations. Because when the water touches places in the skillet that are restricted, you might face an electric shock when using it. You must go through the Instruction menu to follow the manufacturer’s necessary safety precaution tips and instructions.

What to Use to Clean An Electric Skillet?

Before cleaning an electric skillet, you must know what you can use to clean them, which makes the process easier and will help avoid things that will damage the electric skillet. We will give you a list of things you will need to clean the electric skillet, so you can fetch them all before you clean it. The list of things you need to clean is listed below.

  1. Water
  2. Sponge
  3. Dishwashing liquid
  4. Pair of gloves
  5. Baking soda
  6. Cotton or fibre cloth
  7. Drying mat
  8. Paper towels or tissues
  9. Lime juice

However, the above-stated list of things is only used sometimes to clean the electric skillet, depending on the type of food residue.

How to Clean Electric Skillet?

As previously discussed, it is important to know how to clean electric skillet correctly; you must also remember it helps maintain the electric skillet, maintaining its effectiveness and increasing its lifetime. But before you learn how to clean electric skillet, you must fetch the necessary list of things to clean. Once you have the things needed, go to the sink that can fit your electric skillet. Follow the instruction below to learn how to clean electric skillet.

  1. Wear a pair of gloves before you start the process.
  2. Please wait for the electric skillet to cool down completely before you detach it from the power cord.
  3. Off the switch and remove the power cord attached to the electric skillet.
  4. Remove all the waste food from the skillet. If you use excess oil for frying, don’t throw it away; instead, transfer it to another container so you can reuse the oil.
  5. Mix some warm water with the dishwashing liquid and gently scrub in a circular motion using a sponger.
  6. Now wash the electric skillet with water till the soap is entirely left.
  7. Place the skillet on a drying mat or rack for the water to drain completely.
  8. After the water is drained, use a cotton or fibre cloth to wipe the dampness in the electric skillet and dry it completely before you plug the power cord.
  9. If the skillet is extra greasy with fats and oil or if the food is burnt in it, soak it and spread some baking soda over mixed lime juice forming a thick paste before you wash it with warm water and liquid dishwashing. Leave the paste in the skillet for about 5 to 10 minutes, and repeat the process as instructed above.

What to Avoid When Cleaning an Electric Skillet?

It is essential to handle electric appliances with care and without damage. One of the best ways to keep yourself updated about the electric skillet is always to follow the instruction manual provided by the manufacturer before washing them, as it is vital to know how clean an electric skillet is; you should also know what to avoid when cleaning skillet, so you don’t cause any damage to it. Thus, below we have given you a few tips on what to avoid when cleaning an electric skillet.

  1. Scrub

It is best to scrub the electric skillet gently when washing by moving the soft sponge in a circular motion. If you scrub too hard, it could abrase the outer material in the electric skillet.

  1. Harsh Cleaning Products

Do not use anything instead of a mild dishwashing liquid and baking soda and lime paste only if needed. The chemicals in the harsh cleaning products can damage the coating and tend to peel off the electric skillet.

  1. Abrasive Materials

Using a sponge or a soft brush is only recommended when cleaning the electric skillet; anything like steel wool or a coarse cleaning pad will damage the non-stick coating. When abrasive materials are used, they will scrape the coating, and the chances for your food to burn are high.

  1. Stay on Time Before Cleaning

Always clean the electric skillet immediately after it cools down, as the food could dry up in the pan, and if the oil or fat builds up in the skillet will make it harder to clean it.

  1. Ensure Dishwasher Safe

It depends on the manufacturer if the electric skillet can go in the dishwasher. Confirm if it’s dishwasher safe in the instruction manual before putting it in the dishwasher.

  1. Don’t Submerge in Water

Electric appliances are not favourable to water; thus, if the electric skillet is submerged in water, it could cause a short circuit when the skillet is plugged to use. Also, only some parts of the electric skillet are rustproof; thus, cast iron parts can get rusty and reduce the lifetime of your skillet.


In the article how to clean electric skillet, we have explored different topics, discussing what to use to clean an electric skillet and what to avoid when cleaning an electric skillet.

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