how to keep a glass shower door closed

How to Keep a Glass Shower Door Closed? Here’s What To Try!!!

If the glass door of your shower cannot be closed, are you aware of the necessary steps that should take to fix it? It is important to ensure that it is well fixed so that they do not open while you take a shower. In this article, we’ll discuss how to keep a glass shower door closed.

A closed glass shower door keeps water off the bathroom floor and steam from escaping. Releasing the steam in a closed shower generates a humid and warm environment excellent for skin washing.

Common Causes of a Shower Door Not Staying Closed

Shower doors do not close properly due to loosened and worn-out screws, misaligned hinges and latches, filth on the frame, worn magnetic strips, and worn seals. Tighten up the screws, wash the shower door using vinegar, and then replace the magnetic strip to repair the door.

The following factors can contribute to your shower door not closing properly:

    1. Loosen screws from latches, hinges and handles.
    2. Dirt buildup in the hinges or the wall. If a sliding shower door does not close properly, it is most likely due to debris, displacement, or improperly fitted clamps. For these reasons, you can see the glass door sliding on the rail with effort. The most typical issues are getting stuck and dragging.
    3. The magnetic strip which holds the doors together while closed has been damaged or demagnetized.
    4. Because the shower door is not on a straight horizontal plane, it will slide to one side due to its own weight. The door may remain open or closed depending on which side is taller. This problem is also caused by bent shower door bars.
    5. The shower door will fall due to two reasons; Loosened hinges and Glass doors slipping out of their rails. This can be troublesome because it implies the door will not close or may potentially fall off. If the door has been damaged or fallen, you could request a spare, specifically if the designer offers you a warranty. If it’s just sagging, you’ll need to repair it.

Common Causes of a Shower Door Not Staying Closed

How to Keep a Glass Shower Door Closed?

Tightening the Screws

  1. In a basin, combine equal amounts of vinegar and water. To remove the filth, apply the mixture to the edges using a sponge and scrub carefully.
  2. Wash the tracks with clean water in order to get rid of the vinegar odour. With a microfiber cloth, completely dry the tracks. To remove the dirt, stuck on the tracks, you can use toothpicks or tweezers.
  3. Replace the rollers and check whether the door is level and in line with the frame.
  4. Check the screws, locks, and hinges are tight. Tight loose screws with a power drill or a screwdriver.
  5. Replace any rollers that are missing or broken. To prevent the rollers from sticking, use a comparable chemical to grease them.

Adding Weatherstripping

  1. Rinse the door with vinegar and water.
  2. Examine for any faults or gaps. Make sure the caulk is aligned with the surface.
  3. Measure the door so that you can trim the weatherstripping to size. Allow an additional inch or two.
  4. Remove the backing paper from the weatherstripping and adhere it to the top and bottom of the glass door. Seal the inside border of the door frame with a sealant strip.
  5. Check for gaps between both the weatherstripping and the frame. If there are any, continue the procedure until the gap is closed.

Installing a Rubber Seal

  1. Take the measurement of the width of the glass door and add 3 inches to it. With a sharp knife, trim the length of the rubber seal.
  2. Secure the rubber seal to the bottom of the shower door using gum tape. Check that it’s tightly fastened and that no gaps exist.
  3. Shut the door and make sure the seal is in touch with the floor all the way down its length. Adjust the seal if needed.
  4. Open and close the door many times and make any necessary changes.

Clean the Tracks Regularly (For a sliding glass shower door)

  1. Remove any loose debris and grime using a brush or vacuum cleaning attachment. Finally, wipe away any leftover residue with a moist towel.
  2. Before restoring the shower doors, clean the tracks with a tiny amount of vinegar or mild soap and water, scrubbing smoothly and completely.
  3. Apply a silicon-based lubricant on the tracks and wipe away excessive lubricant with a dry cloth.

Alternative Solutions for Keeping a Shower Door Closed

Homemade solutions will help how to keep a glass shower door closed when needed. Let’s discuss them in brief.

Attach a Magnetic Strip

  1. Remove the bolt/screw on the inside which is attaching the door handle with a screwdriver.
  2. Clean the door, paying careful attention to the magnetic strip region.
  3. Cut the magnetic strip to size after measuring it.
  4. Apply adhesive to the bottom of the shower door and to the magnetic strip.
  5. Put it on the shower door and allow it to dry.

Install a Shower Curtain:

Putting/fixing a shower curtain is a great and simple alternative to keep the shower area closed. It can benefit if you examined the shower curtain once a week for dampness or mold. If you see any buildup, use mild soap and water to remove it.


You now understand the many strategies for how to keep a glass shower door closed. You could use these techniques to keep water from leaving your shower area and ruining your bathroom.


While there are numerous methods, adjusting the rollers and tightening the screws is the most effective. This will aid in creating a tight fit and preventing the door from shifting.


Regularly clean, check the alignment of the door, and adjust the tightness to guarantee that your shower door remains closed and won’t cause any difficulties. You can maintain your shower door satisfactorily and prevent expensive repairs by investing little effort and time.


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