how to speed up grout drying time

How to Speed Up Grout Drying Time? Effective Techniques and Tips!

Hi all! So, are you planning on tiling your house? Grout is what you need other than the tiles. As you already know, you should apply grout in the gaps between walls and floors while tiling. As a filler, do you know how much it takes grout to dry? It takes roughly about 1 to 2 days. And this might change depending on several factors. So, if you are in a hurry, you should probably be thinking that “How to speed up grout drying time?” We are here to guide you through all the circumstances and provide information on speeding up the drying time of grout.

Why is Grout Drying Time Important?

The drying time of grout is important when tiling a surface for quality work. I will point out the importance of the grout drying time.

  • A high-quality outcome
  • Avoid peeling or flaking
  • Avoid getting contact with external effects, including water

For an excellent finish after tiling, what you should have to be concerned about is the drying of the grout. So, the drying time of grout is essential for that. The tiles should be well attached before sealing. If you seal it before the grout is dried, the tiles tend to peel or flake. That will change the positions of the tiles giving an untidy or low-quality appearance. Also, the drying time of grout is important to pay extra attention to them. If the tiles get in contact with water before drying the grout, water will seep into the spaces between the tiles. And that will lessen the bonding ability of grout.

What Factors Affect Grout Drying Time?

If you need to speed up the grout drying time, you should concern about the factors that are affecting it. So, let’s move on to see those factors.

If we pay attention to the internal factors,

  1. the texture of the surface that should be tiled
  2. type of grout

are should be concerned.

The grout should be thick to be glued on the surface. If you are applying grout on a wall, it should not fall down easily until it dries. Sanded grout takes two to three days to dry, while grout without sand dries in one to two days. And if the texture of the surface area is rough and absorbs the grout well, it will dry quickly.

Below are the external factors such as weather and climatic conditions which affect the drying time of the grout.

  1. Humidity
  2. Room temperature
  3. Proper ventilation

If the surrounding or the environment is warmer and dry, it takes less time to dry out the grout. But if the climate is humid, it will take more time to dry out the grout as the environment is rich in water vapor. Therefore, for a quick dry, the surrounding should be decreased in humidity, high or warm in temperature, and well-ventilated. The wind helps to dry the grout.

How to Speed Up Grout Drying Time?

Here you will get the information at the heart of the article.

  • Don’t Use the Sand in the Grout. If possible, avoid using sand in the grout. Sanded grout takes more time than grout without sand. But if the gaps between the tiles are larger or wider, you have to use sand in the grout.
  • Warm Up the Surrounding Area of the place where tiling should be done. It is better to increase the temperature or warm up the place where new tiles are installed. And if the tiles have been laid in a place where it could get in rain or cold, take necessary precautions to cover and avoid contact with water until it dries.
  • Lower the Humidity Level. If the tiles have been installed in a covered area, lower the humidity in the area by using appropriate methods such as using a dehumidifier or removing the plants. This can also be done by increasing the temperature. If you have tiled the walls or floorings in a bathroom, you should avoid using them until the grout is dried.
  • Ventilate the Area. If the tiled area gets in contact with the wind often, it will speed up the grout drying time. Therefore, ventilate the area well.

Can Sealing the Grout Expedite Drying Time?

No. It causes no good if you apply the sealant over the grout before drying. Sealing the grout can’t expedite the drying time.

Sealant act as a barrier over the grout that prevents water evaporation from the grout. So, instead of drying quickly, it will take more time to dry.

How Long does Grout Typically take to Dry?

Roughly for standard cement grout, it takes about 24 to 48 hours but can also be increased to 72 hours. That means you should wait about 3 days’ time to dry out the grout completely. This can change due to the above-mentioned factors.

Can Grout Dry in 12 Hours?

No. I personally think the drying process can’t be completely done in 12 hours, even if you use many methods to speed up the drying process. I can’t really think of an answer to this. Because according to the details currently being sought, grout takes at least 24 hours to dry completely.

Can you Dry the Grout with a Hair Dryer?

Yes. You can use a hair dryer to dry grout. But you need a lot of effort with a powerful hair dryer if the tiled area is bigger. So, it is practical for a small surface area of a few square centimeters.

Can you Walk on Grout After 24 Hours?

Yes. You can walk on grout after 24 hours. But you should wait at least a minimum of 48 hours. So, it is best to avoid walking or putting too much weight on grout until you are so sure that the surface is completely cured and dried. Therefore, ensure the tiled area is completely dried before walking. Once the tiled area is cured completely, you can walk freely.

Can you Add Water to Dry Out the Grout?

No. You shouldn’t use water on the grout while it is drying. It will lose the bonding nature of the grout, causing peeling and flaking of the tiles.

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