Oven Makes Noise When Heating Up

Why Oven Makes Noise When Heating Up? [Gas & Electric Ovens]

If you are interested in baking, you might often use the oven to make something. An oven is an appliance that will be there in most households today. Similar to many appliances, you might also encounter issues in the oven due to extended usage. Suppose your oven makes noise when heating up, then you have to check on the cause and try fixing it.

Sometimes when the oven starts to make weird noises, it might make you panic, but this is something that commonly most people face, hence by knowing the issue, you can try solving it. You might know that oven will naturally produce some noises, so all of them do not indicate that the appliance has some problem.

Instead, if you suspect that noise seems abnormal, you better check if there is any issue with your oven. Imagine that one fine day you decided to make brownies, so after making the dough, you carefully pour it into the brownie tray and place it inside the oven. Then you check on the temperature and the timing.

While waiting for the oven to heat up, you suddenly heard a scary noise. So, in such a situation, no one would try to risk themselves by continuing the process. Instead, you will quickly switch off the oven. You don’t have to worry about it as you can solve the issue and make your oven function as usual.

The people facing this issue for the first time will often be clueless and search for how they can solve it. Suppose you are also curious to know about the cause, then you can gain some knowledge on this blog.

Why Your Oven Makes Noise When Heating Up?

When handling the appliances in your kitchen, you must be cautious, but there is nothing to panic or worry about the sounds of the oven. Sometimes it might be perfectly normal for the oven to make some small noises. Suppose the noise is odd and loud, then this might look scary. The cause for such noises might differ according to the type of oven you are using.

Why Do Gas Ovens Make Noise When Heating Up?

Now, although various model of electric ovens is available in the market, some people still prefer gas ovens. If you are using a gas oven, then there are possibilities that your oven makes noise when heating up. The main reason for this is igniting of gas which is present inside the oven. On the other hand, when using the gas oven, you might also hear hissing or clicking, which is normal. Suppose you witness the booming sound then this implies that your oven has a dirty igniter.

Fixing the Air Shutter

During preheating, if your gas oven produces a hissing sound, you can sort out the issue by adjusting the air shutter. You can do it yourself. Behind the gas valve, you will find the air shutter. You must lose the screw fixed to the sliding plate and locate the air shutter. Until the flame turns blue you must turn the air shutter and adjust it. This will help to reduce the sound. 

Cleaning the Gas Igniter

As already mentioned, the booming sound in your gas oven will be due to a clogged igniter. So, when you preheat the oven, the igniter will take time to light up, and once it lights up, you will hear a loud noise. You must clean the igniter and remove all the dirt to solve this issue.

To clean the igniter, it is better to get the support of a professional who will carefully remove it, clean all the deposit and replace it in places. Often you might not witness this issue since the igniter does not get clogged soon. This is not something to worry about since the situation will not be dangerous or make the oven explode.

Why Do Gas Ovens Make Noise When Heating Up?

Why Do Electric Ovens Make Noise When Heating Up?

When you look at the electric oven in your place, you might encounter a situation where the oven makes a noise when heating up. Unlike to gas oven here, you will not have an igniter. Suppose the sound seems to be more odd than usual, then it might be due to several causes, and here are a few of the causes.

Faulty Fan Blades

The noise might be due faulty fan blade, which might have been loosened. So, you will have to check on the fan blade and if you notice that they are loose, try fixing them properly to sort out the issue.

Clogged Fan

After using the oven for a prolonged period, you might notice that fan will get clogged with muck and grease. The dirty fan can also be a cause for producing weird sounds, so you will have to clean the fan and remove all the debris to fix the problem.

Faulty Motor

A faulty motor in your electric oven will not allow the fan to rotate freely. Hence, with the technician’s support, check on the fan if it is stiff, then it might be time to replace the motor as this happens due to faulty motors. In such a situation, you must check on the issue and fix it at an early stage.

Because if you try using the oven where the fan malfunctions, this will overheat the appliance and cause intensive repair. There are also possibilities for the other component to getting damaged, so try solving it before using the oven.

Oven Exploding

Sometimes you are really scared of noises. You might think that oven will explode once you hear some unusual sounds. In contrast, this will not often occur on most occasions, but in the worst case, the appliance can explode. Usually, the sounds will imply that your oven is working perfectly.

If the tempered glass in front of your oven is damaged, then this can cause the appliance to explode if you operate it. Gas ovens can explode due to leaking pipes. Using a modern electric oven, you don’t have to worry as they are very safe and reliable.

Results of a Faulty Oven

Suppose there is a problem with the component of your oven, then you might hear loud noises. Apart from the noise, you will also notice overcooked or undercooked food. Sometimes when you bake a cake, it will not be evenly baked. These are some indications that there is a problem in your oven. Hence you will need to check on the issue and solve it.

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