Portico vs Porch

Portico vs Porch-What’s The Difference?

In the article, we will discuss Portico vs Porch by comparing its features and what makes the two designs differ in result, making it easier to choose the ideal entrance exterior for your home.

If you are planning to design the exterior of your building, there are plenty of structures your architect might suggest. With the endless list of options to build your home exterior, you might come across Portico and Porch.

Both Portico and Porch are exterior structures designed for the entrance of your home and are some of the popular choices for most. The designs in Portico and porch could look the same at first glance, but both entrances are designed differently. It is normal to get confused to select one type out of two because of the similarities, and that is when this article will help you decide.

What is a Portico, and What are its Features?

Portico is an entrance design with an exterior roof supported by multiple columns. A portico gives a classical architecture touch to your building when designed to the exteriors and adds a very grand look. The Portico was initially designed after they were used in ancient Greek temples, then later was modernized to use in homes and buildings to give a significant look to the exterior of your home.

The Portico has an extended roof from your main door in the building and is supported with columns. The number of columns used to support the extended roof in the Portico depends on the roof area.

What is a Porch, and What are its Features?

A porch is also an exterior entryway designed for a building and might look like an entrance at first glance. Though porch is also a projected roof from the main door in your verandah and sometimes is open from the sides and supported with walls or columns. Porch primarily focuses on protecting the entrance of your home from the weather and giving a homely feeling.

Porches are also commonly known as verandas and are the most common type of exterior entrance used. Porches have a more closed area than the porticos and are ideal for relaxing in a cozy outdoor area in your home, breathing fresh air.

What are the Differences Between Portico vs Porch?

Though the both porch and Portico might have looked like similar designs at first glance, both are designed for different purposes. Porticos and porches both also have different effects on buildings. Hence understanding the difference between Portico and a porch will help you to identify what makes both the Portico and porch different from selecting which design will be ideal for your building. Below are some of the differences between Portico and the porch listed.

  1. Porticos give the building an elegant and classical entrance look and are mostly used for commercial construction. Porches, in contrast, portray a homely and cozy environment and gives a very welcoming look. Porches are mostly designed for entrances in homes, enhancing the aesthetic look.
  2. The roof of the Portico is supported with tall columns and has more open space, while porches are either supported with columns or walls with a more closed area.
  3. The porch area in a home is used best to spend your leisure time breathing fresh air and a place where you can socialize with your friends and family. You can also add furniture to your porch area to make it more pleasing. A portico area, in contrast, is not an ideal place to spend your leisure time. Because it is only designed to enhance, the appearance gives a very formal and restricted feeling with tall columns.
  4. The roof of porches is designed to be projected along the facade of a building. At the same time, the roof in a portico is projected attached to the original roof or sometimes built as a separate roof, higher or lower, only to add an elegant look to the entrance accordingly.

What are the Differences Between Portico vs Porch?

Which One Should you Choose for Your Home, Portico or a porch?

Though Portico gives a luxurious look and is used mostly in large hotels to create a  dramatic look, it has also succeeded in making successful entrances in homes. Portico lacks the homely feeling and is only used to enhance the home’s aesthetic look. A porch, in contrast, is similar to a verandah, like an exterior space in your home with more enclosed space built along the facade in the face of the entrance.

The porch also adds attraction and provides security to your home, minimizing the direct weather elements, to your home. A porch is typically where you can add furniture to the exterior space, socialize with your friends and family, and spend some leisure time in the fresh air.

Hence, which one you should choose for your home depends on what kind of effect you want to give to the entrance. If you select a porch, it gives a welcoming vibe, and a portico entrance adds a grand dramatic look to your home.


What is Portico Without Columns Called?

Though it has been customary since the Greek-roman civilization s to add columns for porticos, you can also design them without them. Porticos without columns are called roof-only porticos, which can similarly add a grand look to your entrances.

What is the Difference Between Portico and a Canopy?

A portico is a separate roof projected to the entrance of your building supported by columns. At the same time, a canopy is a structure supported by columns and stands alone without a building. A canopy is an open area that looks similar to a gazebo. Hence, the most significant difference between a portico and a canopy is a canopy stands alone without a building, while a portico is a part of the building entrance.

What is a Covered Entryway Called?

A covered entryway refers to a space in the entryway with columns. A covered entryway could also be called for a porch, but porticos would be the most suitable way to refer. However, the porticos called for a covered entryway that has longer walkways with columns and also can be called a colonnade.

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