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Why Is My Gas Grill Smoking So Much? – Causes & Solutions

If you have a gas grill you may bother about its heavy smoking. And there might be some hidden reasons you never knew about why this happening. But don’t worry; we have all the answers to your question, Why is my gas grill smoking so much?’

In modern cooking, a gas grill has become a popular method of cooking among people because it is easy to use whenever we want. And when you purchase a grill, you have high hopes of having delicious food for you and your family. And all of these would fade if your gas grill is smoking so much. There are so many reasons for your gas grill to smoke so much.

Why Is My Gas Grill Smoking So Much?

There are many reasons why your gas grill is smoking than normal. And it might have become a big headache for you. Now let’s see what the reasons that cause a smoking gas grill are. Moreover, we are going to discuss the essential tools and instructions that you need to know to fix this problem.

  1. Poor Flame Control

You can check if your gas grill’s flame is too high or too low. Your grill needs better control if the flame is too high or too low. There are some reasons for this. If you use your grill after a few months or it is old and rusty. And also, make sure that there is a spark before you turn it on. Because if you open the Knob too early, it will release more gas, and once you spark the flame, huge flames will come right out.

Fix: You can fix these problems by using a grill cover. It will greatly help keep your grill away from water and sunlight. It will also prevent the colors from fading and rusting.

  1. Less Airflow

The gas grill gets the airflow from the top or side vent. If your gas grill gets less airflow, then that may give you a hot, smoking grill. This may happen if you have a damaged grill light that will prevent oxygen flow. And when oxygen doesn’t mix with the gas properly, it leads to a smoking grill. And the next reason is if you have overloaded the food on the grill.

Fix: You can prevent this by opening the lid when grilling, opening the vent, and looking for the amount of ventilation, and do not block the ventilation by overcrowding food.

  1. Extra Grease Left on the Grill

If you have leftover greases on your grill, it may lead to smoking so much. Those who only use the grill regularly have to face this issue. When you heat a grill with excessive grease, the grime will burn and cause smokiness. To prevent this from happening, you must clean the grill properly after using it.

Tip: Follow these steps to clean a greasy grill. First, make sure you have a grill brush and scrapper. Let the grill cool down, and clean the grease as much as possible using a cloth or paper towel. Lastly, remove the grill’s grates and clean them properly with the brush using soap and water.

  1. Using Lighter Fluids on the Grill

Using lighter fluids may create smoke in the gas grill. You don’t have to use lighter fluids to have a big flame on the grill because the grill can create flames only with gas. This is a huge mistake; never use lighter fluids to flame the grill. Also, it is really dangerous because it may create huge flames.

Fix: To prevent this, the only thing you have to do is not to use lighter fluids. If you have already used lighter fluids, this is how to clean it. Turn off the gas and let the grill cool down. Then, remove the grates, clean them with water and soap, and leave them to dry completely.

  1. Food Scraps Are Left on the Grill

If you don’t clean your grill properly, food debris might be left on the grill, which causes the smokiness of the grill after the food left on the grill dries out and produces unnecessary flames after you light the grill next time.

Fix: You can prevent this by cleaning the grill properly between each grilling session. Make sure you wait till the grill cools down before putting any chemicals on the grill to prevent the grill from chemicals stick to the grill. Remember to clean the drip tray as well.

  1. Using Low-quality Fuel

Try to use high-quality gas because if you use low-quality fuel, you will get low-quality flames on the grill. Fuel type is really important for the grill’s performance. When you use low-quality fuel, it may lead to so much smoking on the grill.

Fix: If you want steady flames without the smoke, change your fuel and use high-quality fuel.

  1. Usage of Bad Chemicals to Clean

We already mentioned that it is important to clean the grill between every grilling session as food scrapes will lead to so much smoke in the grill, and when you clean, you should not use bad chemicals as it will also lead to smokiness on the grill. Everything you do will lead to smoke on the grill. Some chemicals may stick on the burner of the grill and will create smoke once you turn on the grill.

Fix: To prevent this from happening, you can use chemicals specially made to clean the grease and grill. There are a few good quality products you can buy from the market.

  1. Damages or Burnt Internal Parts on the Grill

If there is any burnt or damaged part inside the grill, it will also cause smokiness.

Fix: If this is the case, locate the internal part which is burnt and try to replace the parts that show any damage or burnt parts. 

If you have so much smoking grill, look for if there is an aforesaid reason and fix the problem as you have instructed. That way, you can have your grilling session with your family without disturbance.

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